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About Us

Introducing Goats of Glacier – your gateway to a blend of serenity and adventure on the edge of Glacier National Park. Surrounded by Montana’s stunning scenery, our working farm promises an unparalleled experience for all who cherish the outdoors and adore animals. With a vibrant community of goats, affectionate alpacas, adorable mini-Highland cows, and energetic chickens, we welcome you to immerse yourself in our farm’s vibrant life and form a unique bond with nature.

Engage directly with our farm’s inhabitants by feeding, caressing, and participating in the day-to-day joys of farm life. Enhance your wellness routine with our distinctive goat yoga classes, where skilled instructors guide you through rejuvenating poses against the tranquil setting of our farm. For those with a spirit of adventure, our pack goats are prepared to join you on your wilderness journeys, offering both companionship and practical benefits.

Goats of Glacier isn’t just a farm; it’s your entrance to forming unforgettable memories in one of the most emblematic natural settings in the U.S. Choose us for your visit to Glacier National Park and experience the enchantment of farm living, the joy of connecting with nature, and the excitement of adventure, all in a single, memorable location.

about us
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