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Goat Myths vs Facts

Fact: Goats are like children. If you raise them right, they have very good manners.

Fact: Though you must be careful what you put in front of a goat’s mouth (as they are curious creatures and might try to eat something they shouldn’t), Goats are browsers (as opposed to grazers like horses) and only eat what their body needs.

Fact: This is more truth than myth. Though they cannot climb a telephone pole, they have specially designed hooves and can almost climb a telephone pole.

Fact: Goats are not grazers like cows, sheep, and horses.  They are browsers and will leave the grass and eat what other animals will not. 

Fact: While goats can be trained to live indoors, it is difficult to keep them from nibbling on things they should not or potty training them.  They are better suited for the outdoors.

Fact: This is actually true.  They say if a fence can hold a lake of water, it might hold a goat.

Fact: Some goats are born without horns (polled) or are “disbudded” for safety.

Fact: Goats are social and require companionship for well-being.

Fact: Goats are intelligent, capable of problem-solving, and memory.

Fact: Goats need balanced diets, fresh water, veterinary care, and clean environments.

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